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Building Works

The term building work can cover a broad range of topics, depending on the Local Government Area. Councils have specific design perimeters prescribed within their planning scheme, which require certain components of works to be assessed,  before a building certifier can provide a building approval. 


One of the most popular services JCE offer is a Building plan review. This service involves the provided building plans being assessed, with detailed advice being provided back to the clients, architect or building designer regarding the applicable codes of the planning scheme and the certain standards that council expect.


Certain developments can be classified as Accepted Development subject to requirements. This is where developments do not require a formal assessment from council, if the acceptable outcomes of certain codes are met. JCE offer an Accepted Development Advice Letter which includes an assessment of the development against the codes and an advice letter explaining how the development is compliant, or recommendations on how to make the development compliant, and avoid a Development Application with council. 

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Building Plan Review

Building Plan Review 

Referral and agency response

Referral Agency Response

Effluent and Water Reports

Effluent and Water Reports 

Amenity and aesthetics review

Amenity and Aesthetics Review 

Accepted development review

Accepted Development Review 

Building over or near infrastructure

Building over
or near infrastructure 

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