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Council Approvals

Successfully getting council approval for a project involves a lot of due diligence, coordination with different professional disciplines and understanding the different local and state laws and legislations. 

Our expert in-house town planners are experienced with gaining approvals for residential, commercial, community and industrial developments. They have worked with a large variety of councils through both New South Wales and Queensland and can assist with any type of development application required. 

Some applications include:

  • Reconfiguration of a Lot/ Subdivision Applications

  • Material Change of Use Applications 

  • Operational Works Applications 

  • Minor/ Other Change Applications 

  • Referrals to various entities

  • Referral Agency Applications 

  • Pre-lodgement preparations and discussions 

Our understanding of council processes and general industry knowledge allow our team to provide you with the most up to date advice, ensuring your development application can progress in the most efficient, cost effective manner possible. 

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Application overviews

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