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Dilapidation Reports

J.C. Engineers have undertaken dilapidation reports for both commercial and residential structures  in the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney Region since it's establishment in 2016. 

If you have noticed any cracking, water leaks, mould or general damage to the condition of a structure - it is recommended to seek professional advice from a qualified engineer on the overall condition and safety of the building. 

Our in house qualified inspectors will conduct a thorough internal and external inspection of the structure, and a subsequent dilapidation report will be provided which will detail:

  • Preliminary assessment and site summary 

  • Identification of all existing damage (i.e. signs of movement, cracking, separation etc)

  • Detailed overview of the extent of the defects 

  • Any immediate and/ or long term risks for the structure 

  • Recommendations for how to rectify the identified issues (if required)

If you are looking for honest, upfront advice send us an enquiry using the contact form, or by emailing

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