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Material Change of Use 

Many developments require a change to land use application to be lodged with Council for approval. This application is commonly referred to as a Material Change of Use (MCU) . At JC Engineers, the planning team is able to assist with the preparation, lodgement and management of the application, while guiding you through the process from start to finish.


When the use of the property is proposed to be changed, an application is required to be lodged to the relevant local council, to assess the potential impacts which could occur as a result of the development.

Development Approval from the local council is required when there is any of the following on the property:

  1. Starting a new use of activity on a property

  2. Re-establishing a use which was previously abandoned

  3. Increasing the intensity or scale of an activity on a property

Variables such as land zoning, lot size and overlays will impact the level of assessment required by the assessment manager.

The experienced team at JCE will be able to assess your proposal, identify council requirements, and obtain council approval in an efficient and timely manner.

The Process

step by step timeline diagram
Industrial Building


residential buildings icon


e.g. New Dwelling, Dual Occupancy,  Secondary Dwelling 

recreational activities icon


e.g. Tennis Court, Swimming Pool, Golf Course   

commercial building icon


e.g. Cafes, bars, restaurant, health care facilities

community icon


e.g. Community Centre, Art Gallery, Community Residence  

industrial buildings icon


e.g. Warehouse, Transport Depot, Gym

utilities icon


e.g. Water Treatment Plant, Pumping


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