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Operational Works

Operational Work Applications (OPW) are one of the most common types of applications lodged with local councils, as a broad range of works is covered.

Operational Works are best defined as works which can change the site, this includes:

  1. Vehicle Crossovers

  2. Earthworks

  3. Vegetation Removal

  4. Roadworks

  5. Water and Sewer Reticulation

  6. Stormwater infrastructure

  7. Prescribed tidal works

  8. Advertising devices

  9. Carparking

  10. Street design modifications

Not all of the above mentioned tasks will always involve an Operational Works Permit. Multiple factors can influence if council approval is required including zoning, scope of works, overlays etc. Operational Works usually require detailed engineering plans, which are required to be submitted to council for approval. JC Engineers has been designed as a one stop shop - offering project management, engineering and town planning services in order to gain council approval for your works.

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