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Reconfiguration of a Lot

Thinking of trying to sell off a portion of your block? A Reconfiguration of a Lot (ROL) Application, among other supporting information will be required to be lodged with the relevant local council for assessment.


Reconfiguring a lot, more commonly referred to as a subdivision, is the process of dividing a piece of land into smaller pieces or completing a boundary realignment e.g. one into two, one into seventy etc.

This process is necessary to keep up with the rapidly growing housing demand, with an increasing number of home-owners exploring the option of splitting their land.

However, there are many variables which are required to be assessed to determine if the proposed lot can be subdivided including:

  1. Land zoning

  2. Minimum lot size

  3. Dimensions

  4. Access points

  5. Overlays

Unfortunately every local council has different regulations surrounding subdivisions, so it is important to have a professional handle the process. The expert planning team at JC Engineers handle subdivision applications, varying in size, on a daily basis and understand the process of each local council with ease. Have a question? Send us an enquiry!

The Process

step by step timeline diagram
Construction in Progress


reconfiguration of a lot icon

Reconfiguration of a Lot 

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Boundary Realignments

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Amalgamation of lots

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Lot layout plan

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Access Easements

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