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Commercial Shed Structure 


Client had requested the structural design, analysis, drafting and certification (Form 15) of a proposed replacement Steel Commercial Shed structure. The existing structure had burned down in a fire and our client was looking to utilise the existing base slab and foundation for a replacement structure. Due to specific constraints within the overall timeframes, these works were required to be delivered within 10 days of engagement.

commercial shed structure design


JC Engineers’ personnel visited the site and conducted a thorough inspection of the existing base slab to determine its suitability for re-use. We conducted Rebound testing on the existing slab and performed other activities to determine the  characteristics of the existing foundation. While these works were happening, our Structural team commenced designing and analysing the required Structure based on site-specific characteristics. The findings of the slab and foundation inspection found some minor alterations were required and therefore this design was incorporated into the overall design package.


JC Engineers delivered the design package to our client within 9 days of commencing the works allowing them to commence construction activities ahead of schedule.

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