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Advertising Signage 


Client had requested the assistance of JCE Traffics’ Engineers to assess the compliance of their proposed advertising signage situated adjacent to a busy Council Road on the Gold Coast. The proposed signage was in the form of a projected image onto the side of a building.

road map
give way sign, one lane sign, keep left sign
give way sign, one lane sign, keep left sign
give way sign, one lane sign, keep left sign


JCE Traffics’ personnel visited the site and conducted a thorough inspection of the existing and proposed arrangement of the signage and the surrounding road network. This involved inspecting and assessing the following key points:

  1. the expected projection of the proposed signage,

  2. proposed luminous levels,

  3. location,

  4. Fatal Serious Injury (FSI) statistics for the nearby intersections and if the proposed signage could be expected to affect these statistics,

  5. Identification of Potential Points of Conflict for the proposed signage and traffic lights of the nearby intersections,

  6. Assessment of stopping distances of vehicles approaching the nearby intersections and the effect the proposed signage may have on them. 


JC Engineers’ determined the proposed signage could not be expected to cause any effect to the existing traffic operation within the immediate vicinity of the proposed signage. This information was delivered in a Technical Report format and consultation with Council for delivery of the Report was conducted

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