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Traffic Planning and Engineering

Our Traffic & Transport team bring together a range of specialist capabilities and expertise aimed at simplifying the complexities of Residential & Commercial Developments. Some of our Traffic & Transport team's key capabilities are listed below.


Development Planning

  1. Traffic impact assessments 

  2. Vehicle swept path simulation

  3. Car park and site access

  4. Site traffic circulation assessment 

  5. Pedestrian access and mobility assessments 

  6. On-site manoeuvrability 

  7. Queuing on-site and within nearby network/s

Traffic Modelling 

  1. Sidra Intersection modelling 

  2. Traffic simulation modelling 

  3. Pedestrian simulation modelling 

Traffic Design 

  1. Road and intersection design 

  2. Site access design 

  3. Carpark and site design 

  4. Signs and line marking plans 

  5. Vehicle swept path analysis 

  6. RPEQ certification 

  7. Construction work zone design 

  8. Traffic information request responses 

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traffic impact assessments icon

Onsite Queuing Analysis

onsite queuing analysis icon

Traffic Impact Assessments

construction work zone design icon

Construction Work Zone Design

carpark site and design icon

Carpark and Site Design

sidra intersection modelling icon

Sidra Intersection Modelling

pedestrian simulation modelling icon

Pedestrian Simulation Modelling

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