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Utility Infrastructure

JC Engineers adopts a modern streamlined approach to a traditional discipline (Engineering). Our focus is to provide optimal (realistic, cost-effective, timely) solutions for our delivery partners, eliminating the element of ‘over-engineering’. Our streamlined policies and procedures eliminate the need for repetitive work, which minimises time, costs and risks for our delivery partners.

JC Engineers has performed services on Overhead and Underground Infrastructure throughout Australia since our inception in 2016. We assist our delivery partners in achieving their goals with their Principal Clients.



Construction and Design Inspections

  • Engineering Trouble-Shoot during Construction

  • On-Site Compliance Inspections (RPEQ/CPEng)

  • Construction Methodology

  • Site Management Plans

  • Site Scoping Visits

Civil Engineering and Design

  • Design of Water, Sewer and Stormwater Underground Infrastructure

  • Design of Electrical and Telecommunication Underground and Overhead Infrastructure

  • Underbore Design and Analysis

  • Fibre Patch Repair Design and Certification

  • Trench Design for Conduits and Services

  • Capacity and Condition Analysis of Existing Infrastructure (Overhead/Underground)

Project Management

  • Coordination and Management of Underground Service Locators, Surveyors and Engineering Testing Specialist

  • Permit Application and Approval through Local and State Authorities

  • Work Activity Management

  • Liaison and Coordination with Local and State Delivery Authorities

Our solutions provide innovation and efficiencies that make our delivery partners stand out.

Architectural Plans


site inspections and investigations icon

Site Inspections & Investigation

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Engineering Design and Analysis 

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Methodologies and Management Plans 

project management and coordination icon

Project Management and Coordination

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